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The video memory setting error causes the game speed to be too slow

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The computer's motherboard has an integrated graphics card and 128MB DDR memory. Recently, when playing some large games, the speed is extremely slow, while some games are normal and the operating system is also running normally. What is the reason?
This situation may be caused by a problem with these games or an abnormal setting of the graphics card. First, check the game. It is recommended to uninstall and reinstall the slower game to determine whether it is a problem with the game. If there is no problem with the game, it may be due to a problem with the integrated graphics card on the motherboard. The integrated graphics card will occupy system memory during operation. Restart the computer and enter the BIOS settings, and reset the AGP Graphics Aperture Size option. Under normal circumstances, the value of this item must not be greater than the value of physical memory, and it is best to set it to 1/4 of the system memory. After setting, save and exit and restart the computer to enter the system. The fault should be resolved.
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