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Graphics card "connecting finger" is oxidized causing a black screen

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The computer has not been used for a long time. A black screen appears when it is used, and the computer does not emit any sound, but the computer can run normally before. What is the reason?
Since the computer can be used normally before, and there is no any change to the hardware by the computer moving, this may be caused by the oxidation of the "connecting finger" of the graphics card or the dust on the "connecting finger", resulting in poor contact between the graphics card and the slot. This kind of failure is relatively simple to solve. Open the case, remove the graphics card, gently wipe the "connecting finger" on the graphics card with a high-grade eraser, wipe off all the oxide film and dirt on the "connecting finger", and then install it on the computer. Ensure that the graphics card is properly inserted into the slot, and then restart. The fault will generally be eliminated.
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