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Click Here Download DriverForPC
Using DriverForPC is very easy!

DriverForPC is a portable application that does not require installation and does not write any information to your system registry.

  • 1. To use it, simply extract the files.
  • 2. To remove it, locate the folder where DriverForPC is located and delete the files.
  • Therefore, DriverForPC is a 'clean and green' application that does not leave any 'junk data' on your computer.

    [1] How to Install DriverForPC

    When you finish downloading, you will receive a ZIP file named DriverForPC.zip, as shown in the image below:

    After extracting it, you will have the following files:

    Double-click on DriverForPC-32.exe or DriverForPC-64.exe to launch the application.

    [2] How to Uninstall DriverForPC

    Since DriverForPC is a portable application, simply delete the files from the folder where DriverForPC is located to uninstall it.

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