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How to download and run the driver client

August 29, 2021 Driver Views: 2302
After you enter the correct verification code, you will get a driver client download address, as shown below:

We provide two download methods:

1 Click the blue font part to download directly using the browser.

2 Copy the URL address of the input box and use the download tool to download.

Using the download tool to download is a relatively simple and fast method, so the specific method will not be repeated here. The main introduction here is how to use the browser to download.

How to download the driver client with a browser

When you click the download address on the page, the browser will automatically download the file. Here are two more commonly used browsers.

1 Google Chrome browser

When the file is downloaded, click "Show in folder" to find the downloaded file.

2 Microsoft Edge browser

After the file is downloaded, a security prompt dialog box will appear, please click the "View downloads" button to view the file.

Next, in the new pop-up interface, click "Open folder", and it will jump to the path where the system defaults to save the downloaded file, where you can find the downloaded driver client file.

How to run the driver client:

The downloaded file is a compressed package file in ZIP format, so it needs to be decompressed to run. Windows system can decompress files in ZIP format, but sometimes errors occur, so it is recommended that you use some special decompression tools. If you do not have a decompression tool, you can download the following decompression tools, which are open source and free.

Decompressed Zip Tool:
For Windows OS 32bit: 7z1509-x32.exe
For Windows OS 64bit: 7z1509-x64.exe

After decompression, you will get a running driver client.

Due to Windows Defender, a dialog box will pop up before running this program. You don't need to worry, because if you want to run a file downloaded from the Internet, this dialog box will appear. Just click "More info" in the dialog box.

Then click "Run anyway"

OK, now the driver client can run. Click the "Download Driver" button to download the driver file.

After all files have been downloaded, these drivers can be installed into the system. If you don't know how to install drivers for your device, you can read this article "How to Manually Install Driver Files".
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