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Abnormal noise or patterns appear on the screen

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Recently, some abnormal noises or patterns have always appeared on the monitor screen. What is the reason?
This kind of failure is generally caused by a problem with the video memory of the graphics card, or the poor contact between the graphics card and the motherboard. First, you can open the case and remove the graphics card from the slot to see if the "connecting finger" of the graphics card is oxidized or dirty. If so, use a high-grade eraser to gently wipe the "connecting finger" on the graphics card. After wiping all the oxide film and dirt, re-insert it into the graphics card slot, and ensure that it is properly inserted and inserted tightly, and then restart the computer to make the monitor display normal. If the fault still cannot be resolved, and the screen still has abnormal noise or patterns, it may be a problem with the graphics card or video memory, which requires a replacement of the graphics card.
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