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Startup failure caused by poor graphics card contact

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After the computer is replaced with a new graphics card, it has to be started several times each time it is turned on to pass the self-test. Sometimes it is necessary to unplug the graphics card from the motherboard and reinsert it to start. What should I do?
Since this kind of failure occurs after the graphics card is replaced, there are many reasons. The most likely cause is the poor connection of the graphics card. It may be that the graphics card is not installed properly or the graphics card slot has a problem. If you do not pay attention when inserting the graphics card into the slot, it is possible that the graphics card has not been installed in place. Some people did not install the motherboard stably when installing the motherboard. When the graphics card is fixed to the chassis with screws, the rear of the graphics card will be tilted, and certain part of connecting finger does not completely touch the card pins in the slot. So there is a situation where the self-inspection fails. However, because the graphics card itself is not faulty, only part of the "connecting finger" is in poor contact, so sometimes as long as you move the graphics card or the computer case, the graphics card can pass the self-check again.

Therefore, when encountering this kind of failure, you should first check whether the graphics card is installed in place. You can also unplug the graphics card and wipe the "connecting finger" clean with an eraser, and then reinsert it on the motherboard. Don't fix it with screws. Connect the monitor to the socket of the graphics card, and then try to power it on. If it can be turned on smoothly, then fix the graphics card completely. The screws should not be tightened too tightly, and the graphics card should not shake. After the screws are installed, start the test again. If the startup can be performed smoothly, the fault will be eliminated.
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