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Printer Driver Installation Method

August 04, 2021 Driver Views: 1250
First, connect the printer to the computer host, usually through a serial port or USB interface to connect to the computer host. Some printers also need to connect to the network through a wired or wireless network card.

Secondly, when the printer is connected to the computer host, press the printer's power button to turn it on.

Then, restart the operating system. After entering the system, the operating system will find new hardware devices and prompt to install drivers for the new devices.

Next, open the "Device Manager", click "Scan for hardware changes", and you can see the newly added device:

Note that "Unknown Device" must appear in the "Device Manager" and with a question mark icon at the back. This means that the printer has been successfully connected to the computer host, and then you can install the driver for the printer. Otherwise, the printer driver cannot be installed.

For example, if your printer is connected to the computer host via a USB interface, you can find the icon in the "Device Manager" as shown below:

There are two ways to install the driver next:

The first method:

If there is a setup.exe file in the driver package, execute this file to install the driver for the printer. This process is very simple. The installation package will automatically install all the necessary driver files for you.

The second method:

Click on the device with the question mark icon just now.

Right click the pop-up menu, select "Update Driver Software" in the menu, and then select "Browse my computer for driver software".

In the driver search directory, fill in the storage path of the driver file, and then click "Next". The system will search for the appropriate driver file and install it automatically. After the installation is complete, restart the system.

If the installation is successful, the "Unknown Device" in the "Device Manager" will become a printer device with a specific model name, similar to the following icon:

The place circled in red above is an icon of the printer after the driver is installed.
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