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The sound card is silent due to a driver error

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When the computer uses the player to play a movie, there is no sound, but the volume adjustment button can be used, and the speakers can be used normally when connected to other people's computers. Later, I opened the "Device Manager" and found that the sound card is Creative, but the sound card integrated on the motherboard is Intel AC’97. After reinstalling the driver, the displayed sound card model has not changed. What should I do?
This is because the sound card driver is installed incorrectly when installing the computer's hardware drivers. The sound card originally installed the wrong driver, so when you install the correct driver directly, it cannot be installed. You need to uninstall the current driver of the sound card before installing the correct one.

In the "Device Manager", find the installed sound card, right-click and select the "Uninstall" command in the shortcut menu to delete the existing driver of the sound card, and then install the correct driver for the sound card.
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