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The sound card is silent

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Why can't the speakers or headphones produce sound when I use the player to play music or movie files?
No sound can be heard from the speaker during playback, please check one by one according to the following steps:

First check whether the speaker or earphone cable is plugged in properly, and whether the power is turned on, and then adjust the volume control button of the speaker or earphone to see if there is any sound.

If there is still no sound, use the mouse to click the small sound icon (small speaker) in the task tray at the lower right corner of the screen, and the "Volume" adjustment slider will pop up; just see if the "Mute" check box is selected. If it is selected, you need to Uncheck the check box, and drag the slider upward to increase the volume; then it will sound normally.

If there is still no sound, check whether the driver of the sound card is installed. Open the "Device Manager" and check whether there is a yellow exclamation mark in the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" list. If there is, it means that the sound card driver has not been installed. At this time, install the sound card driver correctly.

If an independent sound card is installed in the computer, open the case to see if the sound card is loose. If the sound card is not inserted properly, you need to insert it tightly.
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