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The jumper causes the sound card not to sound

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A newly assembled computer with integrated sound card and Windows system, has been working normally. However, the sound card cannot produce sound recently. It has been checked that the sound card driver is installed normally, all connections and sound settings are also normal. Meanwhile, you can see the changes in the visualization effect when you use the audio player to play music. After reinstalling the Windows system and checking the BIOS parameters, it can't be resolved. What should I do?
If there is no problem in checking all software settings, then start with the hardware. Open the case and check whether the sound card is installed properly. If the speaker is connected to the audio interface on the front panel of the case, you need to check the audio jack on the front panel. The front audio jack of the ordinary chassis just leads the audio jack of the sound card to the front of the chassis and acts as an extension cord, while the front audio panel of the motherboard supports jumper adjustment. If the 5, 6, 9, 10 jumpers are shorted , Or the jumper cap is loose and falls off, it will cause the front audio to shut down. Check the setting of the jumper cap and install the jumper cap correctly. It should be resolved when you turn on the device.
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