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Video memory chip overheated

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In order to improve the performance of the graphics card, it was overclocked, and it has been normal for a long time. However, some small color spots appeared in the Windows recently. I reinstalled the graphics card driver and the system, but none of them could be resolved. After shutting down, I opened the case and touched the graphics card with my hand. It was found that among the 4 onboard video memory chips located on the back of the graphics card, one chip had a significantly higher temperature than the other 3 chips. Why does this happen?
The high temperature of a video memory chip may be due to the inconsistent performance of the video memory chip on the graphics card. The performance of this chip is lower than that of other chips, and the graphics card has been overclocked for a long time. As a result, the temperature of this video memory chip is higher when it is working. It is malfunctioning and causes the display color to change. To solve this kind of failure, you can add a heat sink to the video memory and reduce the frequency of the graphics card to the original standard value. The failure can generally be solved.
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