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The sound card is suddenly silent, and the motherboard integrates the AC’97 sound card

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The computer motherboard integrates the AC'97 sound card, but the speakers often suddenly become silent when in use, and suddenly silent when playing games. If this happens when using the video chat software, the other party can hear what I say through the microphone, but I cannot hear the other party's voice, and these situations will return to normal after restarting.
The computer often suddenly loses sound after being turned on for a period of time. Some of this failure is because the old sound card does not support multiple audio streams, nor does it support the function of ACPI interrupt sharing. There is a resource conflict with a certain hardware when surfing the Internet, or a certain program, such as a game or player, accidentally occupied the port of the sound card, and the sound cannot be heard unless it is released. This kind of failure can be solved by restarting Windows, but the hardware must be replaced if it is really solved.

Improper sound card driver version may also cause such failures. If the driver does not pass the Windows digital signature certification, or the installed driver does not conform to the current operating system, it can be used normally under normal circumstances, but in special circumstances, such as when resuming from hibernation or standby, there may be problems such as no sound, extremely low sound, and loud noise. This situation can be resolved by installing the correct driver, or restarting Windows.

Although this kind of failure is relatively simple, it is easy for people to mistakenly think that there is a problem with the Windows system or the hardware, so that unnecessary formatting and re-installation of the system are carried out, which wastes time and energy.
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