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The handwriting is clear on one side and unclear on the other

On the printed paper, the handwriting is clear on one side and unclear on the other. What is the reason?

This phenomenon generally occurs on stylus printers and inkjet printers. The main reason is that the printing head guide rail is not parallel to the printing roller.Adjust the distance between the printing head guide rail and the printing roller to make them parallel. Method:Turn the adjusting plate … views >>>
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The edge of printed graphics appears to scatter ink outward

When printing, the edge of printed graphics appears to scatter ink outward. What is the reason?

The printing head is overheated due to the long continuous printing time of the nozzle, which may have caused damage to the printing head. It is recommended to stop using the printer immediately, stopping using it for a period of time and then printed after being cleaned by nozzles. If there is stil … views >>>
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The ink melts when printing

When printing, the ink on the paper melts. What is the reason?

This situation may be caused by the following reasons:1. printing head aging causes excessive ink-jet quantity.2. The paper used is poor, or the paper is damp.3. The media type setting does not match the type actually uuse.4. The model does not match when adding ink. … views >>>
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Lack of color or disconnection during printing

When printing, there is always a lack of color or disconnection. What is the reason?

This may be caused by bubbles at the ink outlet of the ink cartridge. If the position of the broken line changes constantly during printing, air enters the ink bag of the nozzle, so clean the nozzle several times. If the broken line position does not change, the nozzle is blocked or the ink outlet h … views >>>
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Printer can't print characters

Inkjet printers have printing actions when printing, and nozzles can move left and right, but they just can't print characters. What is the reason?

This phenomenon is usually caused by the nozzle, and the reasons are as follows:1. improper installation of the nozzle position makes the nozzle contact with the circuit board on the base badly, which causes the nozzle not to eject ink normally. The solution is to remove the printing nozzle and rein … views >>>
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Prompt "insufficient memory" or "insufficient system resources" when printing

Word is used to edit and print documents, but once the message of "insufficient memory" appears, printing cannot be finished. What should I do?

If this phenomenon occurs, it can be solved as follows:1 do not start too many programs when printing. Open "Task Manager" and close some programs that occupy more memory.2 clear the contents of the clipboard. Method: Copy a text to replace more contents in the clipboard, and then try printing again … views >>>
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Garbled when printing

Why is garbled when printing with a printer?

1 The printer is used to conduct self-check information to judge whether there is hardware failure.2 The wires of the printer should be connected to the host computer, and then print a test page to determine whether the printer driver is installed correctly. … views >>>
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The system cannot find the USB flash drive

After inserting the USB flash drive into the USB interface, the prompt of "finding a new device" does not appear in the system, and the USB flash drive cannot be found. What is the reason?

It may be that the connection between USB flash drive and USB interface is too loose, or USB interface is not activated in BIOS settings.First, you can try to plug the USB flash drive into other USB interfaces. If it still cannot be solved, restart the computer to enter BIOS, find the Onchip USB opt … views >>>
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Two speakers have different sound levels

It turned out that only one of the speakers had sound and the other had no sound. Later, the audio jacks of the two speakers were changed. Both speakers can produce sound, but one speaker plays normally, while the other has weaker sound. It plays normally while being connected to CD playback machine.

One speaker is normal but the other is weak. It may be caused by poor connection between the speaker cable and the audio interface, or improper waveform settings in Windows. First of all, you can check whether the speaker connection plug is in poor contact with the computer audio jack, or whether it … views >>>
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Only one channel sounds

The computer motherboard integrates a sound card, and the Windows system is installed. It used to be normal, but recently, when playing music files on CD or hard disk, I found that only one speaker had sound - that is, only one channel had sound. This is still the case after changing a pair of speakers, while there is no problem with the motherboard and sound card.

This situation may be caused by the wrong setting of the "Wave" in the volume control, or a problem with the driver installation. First, double-click the small speaker icon in the desktop task tray to open the "Master Volume" dialog box, and check whether the "Balance" slider in the "Wave" is dragge … views >>>
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