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Printer can't print characters

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Inkjet printers have printing actions when printing, and nozzles can move left and right, but they just can't print characters. What is the reason?
This phenomenon is usually caused by the nozzle, and the reasons are as follows:

1. improper installation of the nozzle position makes the nozzle contact with the circuit board on the base badly, which causes the nozzle not to eject ink normally. The solution is to remove the printing nozzle and reinstall it. When installing, install the black print head first, and then install the color print head.

2. The nozzle is blocked. When using the printer, the printer is shut down before the nozzle returns to the initial position on the left, and the nozzle is not covered by the cap to keep moisture, which causes the ink at the nozzle to dry up, resulting in the failure of printing characters.

3. When the ink in the nozzle is used up, the nozzle should be replaced at this time.
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