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The printer does not feed paper

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The printer used to work normally, but when printing recently, the paper suddenly stopped feeding. What is the reason?
There are several reasons why the printer does not feed paper:

1. The paper is severely curled or folded.
2. The storage time of the printing paper is too long, causing the printing paper to become damp.
3. The loading position of the printing paper is not correct, and it exceeds the arrow mark on the left guide rail.
4. There is a printing paper jam in the printer and it is not taken out in time. If a paper jam occurs when the printer is printing, you must first turn off the printer power and take out the printing paper carefully. The method is to slowly pull out the jammed paper along the paper exit direction. After taking it out, be sure to check whether the paper is intact to prevent shredded paper from remaining in the machine and causing other failures.

Check whether the indicator light of the black ink cartridge or the color ink cartridge is flashing or always on, because it indicates that the ink is about to run out or has run out. If an ink cartridge is empty, the printer will not be able to feed paper, and you must replace the corresponding new ink cartridge to continue printing.
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