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The print quality is poor or there are malfunctions

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The print quality is poor or there are malfunctions, such as the end of the paper cannot be printed, meaningless characters or symbols are printed, the printing colors are not correct, and the straight lines cannot be aligned.
To solve the problem of poor print quality, generally the following methods can be used:

1. Print out meaningless characters. Sometimes meaningless characters may be printed. In this case, it is generally not a problem with the printer. It may be a print file or application error. At this time, you need to edit the file again, and then continue printing.

2. The printing paper is curled or has ink stains. Sometimes when printing pictures, paper curls or ink stains may appear. This situation may occur when high-resolution paper or photographic paper is used to print pictures or photos with strong colors. To solve this phenomenon, you can first open the "Printer Properties" dialog box, select the "User Defined" radio button, click the "Settings" button to display the "Set Print Quality" dialog box, and then adjust the color density. Just adjust the concentration to a lower level.

3. If the straight lines cannot be aligned when printing, you can click the "Print Head Alignment" button in the "Maintenance" tab to adjust the print head.

4. If you cannot print the end of the paper when printing, you need to check whether the paper set in the "Page Setup" of the printed document is the same size as the paper loaded in the printer. Otherwise you need to re-adjust the paper size.
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