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How to Manually Install Driver Files
After downloading the driver client, double-click to run the program, and then click the "Download Driver" button.At this time, the program will automatically download all the driver files.After the program has downloaded all files, click the "OK" button and it will automatically jump to the path wh … views >>>
August 29, 2021 | Tag: Driver | Views: 3439
How to download and run the driver client
After you enter the correct verification code, you will get a driver client download address, as shown below:We provide two download methods:1 Click the blue font part to download directly using the browser.2 Copy the URL address of the input box and use the download tool to download.Using the downl … views >>>
August 29, 2021 | Tag: Driver | Views: 2329
Printer Driver Installation Method
First, connect the printer to the computer host, usually through a serial port or USB interface to connect to the computer host. Some printers also need to connect to the network through a wired or wireless network card.Secondly, when the printer is connected to the computer host, press the printer' … views >>>
August 04, 2021 | Tag: Driver | Views: 1268
How to Manually Delete Printer Driver Under Windows System
Before deleting the printer, you must disconnect the USB cable between the printer and the computer host, and restart the computer.Do not perform any printing operations after restarting the computer.Then follow the steps below to delete a printer:Open the "Control Panel" and click on the "Devices a … views >>>
August 04, 2021 | Tag: Driver | Views: 1043
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